Go Yellow

yellow ribbon with border copyrightGo Yellow in Road Safety Week and help to raise awareness of road safety and the devastating consequences of road crashes.

The Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Alliance supports Road Safety Week. The Alliance is a group of organisations committed to raising road safety awareness and working to make roads safer. It uses the yellow ribbon, and the colour yellow, as a symbol and commitment to road safety.

There are lots of ways you can support Road Safety Week and raise awareness of road safety using the colour yellow:

Yellow icons

Harbour Bridge 4A number of buildings, bridges and other icons around the country were lit yellow for Road Safety Week 2022:

The Yellow Ribbon Alliance is very grateful to all the local councils and other organisations that have helped to organise this - Vector Lights, SkyCity, Hamilton City Council, Taupo District Council, Gisborne District Council, Michael Fowler Centre, Upper Hutt City Council, Waitaki District Council.

The Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Alliance consists of the following members: Road Safety Education, Brake, Bridgestone, BOC, NZ Steel, Rotary, VTNZ.