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Our theme for 2023: Road Safety Heroes

The theme of Road Safety Week 2023 (15-21 May) is Be a road safety hero, recognising the work of road safety professionals, and explaining how we can all play a part in making journeys safer for everyone. It will also be a UN Global Road Safety Week and we will link to some of the global messages too.

Everyone can be a road safety hero. Road Safety Week 2023 celebrates the professionals who are working to make roads safer for everyone - from designing safer roads to caring for people after a crash. It also enables everyone who uses roads to understand how they can take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

During Road Safety Week you can:

  • Celebrate the work of professionals who reduce casualties and care for people affected by crashes.
  • Speak up for everyone's right to make safe and healthy journeys where they live.
  • Join our community of road safety heroes.

Some ways you can get involved in Road Safety Week are:

  • SCHOOLS - help children, young people and parents learn about road safety heroes and why road safety matters, and enable them to speak up for safe and healthy journeys.
  • ORGANISATIONS - be a road safety hero by managing road risk and taking a safe system approach to policies, procedures and effective driver training and education.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES AND ROAD SAFETY PROFESSIONALS - highlight the work you do as road safety heroes to reduce casualties and care for people affected by crashes.
  • ROAD CRASH VICTIMS - share stories about how road safety heroes helped you after a crash.
  • INDIVIDUALS - be a road safety hero by pledging to use roads safely and speaking up for safe and healthy journeys.

Speak up for safe and healthy journeys

Safe journeys happen when we design our road transport network so that human error doesn't result in death or serious injury. This approach of safety by design is known as the safe system approach and the great news is that the solutions are known and available to us now! From safety technology in vehicles, to speed limits that reflect the safety of the roads, we can all learn about, shout about and celebrate these proven solutions.

Healthy journeys are important to help keep us healthy, fit and happy. We need to make sure that choosing to walk or cycle doesn't put us at increased risk and that the air we breathe on our journeys is clean. We know the solutions here too – we need to prioritise safe spaces for travel on foot and by bike and ensure that the vehicles that remain on our roads use ultra-low emission technology.

Shout out for road safety heroes

Celebrate the people who really make a difference to YOU. The school crossing patrol that helps your children travel to school safely. Someone who campaigned for a safe cycle path where you live. Or someone who helped you after a crash. This is a great opportunity to tell someone how grateful you are.


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