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Road Safety Hero - Anna Bray-Sharpin



Anna Bray-Sharpin, Principal Advisor - Infrastructure, Speed and Urban Mobility, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Anna is working to help Aotearoa more broadly and rapidly achieve safe speed limits. Achieving safe speeds on our roads is the fastest and most impactful way to make our streets safe for everyone and give people more options for how they get around.

In addition to her work at Waka Kotahi, Anna talks about safe speeds and urban mobility to other groups, including speaking at previous Brake events for organisations with at-work drivers. These events looked at Vision Zero, the safe system approach to road safety and safe speeds.

Anna started working in road safety because she was interested in creating places where people don't have to be fully dependent on their car - but it's not fair to encourage or expect people to choose other travel options if they're not safe and easy.

Thank you, Anna, for being a Road Safety Hero.

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