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Road Safety Hero - Greg Bell

greg bell


Greg Bell, Senior Firefighter, Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Greg is a Senior Firefighter with Fire and Emergency in Canterbury. Firefighters do so much more than fighting fires – including attending road crashes.

In addition to his work attending emergencies, Greg is a Fire and Emergency representative working with Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD)/Kaitiaki o Ara, helping students to develop and deliver road safety activities and campaigns.

Often undertaking this work in a voluntary capacity, he has attended the SADD/Kaitiaki o Ara conferences in the South Island, helped to facilitate the event and led groups of students through problem solving exercises.

Greg has encouraged other Fire and Emergency firefighters to work alongside SADD/Kaitiaki o Ara National Leaders and has facilitated the hosting of students at the Fire and Emergency’s South Island Training Centre in Woolston, forming a multigenerational connection between trainers, trainees and students at community level. In 2019 he was championed by SADD/Kaitiaki o Ara rangatahi as their hero.

Greg has also been involved in giving road safety presentations at council-run events throughout Canterbury from Waimakariri to Ashburton and has spoken to young offenders on straight thinking programmes run by Odyssey House.

Thank you, Greg, for being a Road Safety Hero.

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