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Road Safety Hero - Ben Bonne

ben bonne

Ben Bonne, National Leader 2020-21, initiator and leader of Albany Senior High School SADD group, Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) / Kaitiaki o Ara

Ben was selected as a National Leader of SADD in 2020. At the time SADD was not active in his school, and he immediately set about creating a sustainable group. He recruited students, with the group growing to almost 20 who were actively involved on an ongoing basis. Ben was responsible for the involvement of many students in road safety activities at the school, with as many as 150 students taking part in some activities. He created and developed innovative approaches to engage students - both to be receptive to preventative messaging and in delivering a collective and enduring preventative approach.

More recently, Ben (who is now at university) oversaw a group of students who produced a case study of their experience as part of SADD. The study was conducted by the students and brought together months of detailed reflection on what they achieved and how they achieved it - including getting the whole school and local businesses involved in road safety initiatives and positive messaging. The many highlights and lessons learned that are contained in the study will themselves prove to be the foundation of a new way of interacting with rangatahi in Aotearoa New Zealand. The SADD team say Ben’s report is probably the most comprehensive document of its type they have ever seen.

Ben has devoted a lot of time and effort to his involvement in SADD. He epitomises the SADD/Kaitiaki o Ara vision: Empowering young Kiwis to prevent loss on our roads. Together. His actions show what young Kiwis are capable of if they are supported in their vision.

Thank you, Ben, for being a Road Safety Hero.

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